Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some quick film bgs

So, I didnt actually die or drop off the planet, i was just working on a film all year. Its 5 scenes away from being done siiiiiiggghh

until then, here are a couple of backgrounds from my film. alot of people have seen them already, but anyways :
 ill post some more when ive got the proper harddrive with me...


  1. Right on. BG's look awesome.

    One of my favourite films this year. Keep going. =)

  2. Beautiful work Roz! Your film is so haunting, do you plan on finishing it?

  3. I love the sorta scratchy lines with the backgrounds, I saw one of your pencil versions in the studio and I really liked it :D

  4. haha was that a pun scott? yeah im aiming to somehow get it done by the end of may.....

    thanks for the encouragement guys!

  5. pun? no no, I really like your film and I hope you finish it. One of my favorites out of the whole lot.