Saturday, March 17, 2012

fellas, i dont use this thing anymore, but im not dead! you can catch me over here !  :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

so, i drew some little doodles yesterday.

(this is my bedroom by the way)

blogger always lightens my images! whatta piss-off!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wooooowww its about time i resurected this thing. Life kinda got in the way. ill supply a better post about where the hell ive been this while, but in the mean time heres a little something to burn your eyeballs. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

I told my friend I would draw him. like, four months ago. and its been languishing on my hard drive since then. oops

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more film

A few more stills of the film....
 sc1sc 5sc6
 and how i arrived at the composition for sc 6. I did this thumbnailing process for a great deal of my scenes because my earlier boards had some uninspiring composition in them.

also here is an early layout concept of the living room just trying to figure out what the house looked like. it ended up being the basis for my film's mood/feel too.

character evolution!

 I thought I would compile some of my very minimal character design work from my film so you can see how it progressed. I was kindof dumb and never made model sheets for any of my characters and in general I didnt do that much design work on my film. That was partially because I knew what look I was going for ( for the backgrounds atleast...hah...) and partially because I felt like I was in a design rut character-wise.

This story is fairly old and when I post my story process you'll get to see some of the reaaallllyy old designs, especially of the boy ( yes, he has no name. so sad.) in the beat boards/ concept stuff but for now here are some of the more developed ones:

1) I did these around xmas break or just after when I was worried about him looking too "generic-kid" and wanted him to be a bit ugly. He sorta just looks like a muppet though.

2)I think this one is from right before i started animation and it was the one I used as reference while I was rough animating. I actually really dislike this version now.

3)By the time I started cleanup I had a waaaaaaayyyy better handle on him and he became much more appealing. And cuter. And easier to animate. This particular drawing is a tie-down/final line ( since I only went to the rough clean stage) from sc3 and one of the frames I pinned up on my desk as a model/reference

You'll notice he scowls alot. That is because he is very very unhappy for most of the film :)

Just like the boy, there are some hilariously old and terrible designs of the grandma too ( including one where shes like 3ft tall and has huge buggy eyes. wtf was i thinking? ) these two are more recent.
1) This is from that workflow test scene we had to do. I ended up scrapping this scene.

2)I scribbled this on the back of a scrapped frame when I went to clean her up and realised I still hadnt finalized her design. I was mostly trying to figure out her hair. In the end it really didnt change much.

This is how they looked in a finished scene together. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some quick film bgs

So, I didnt actually die or drop off the planet, i was just working on a film all year. Its 5 scenes away from being done siiiiiiggghh

until then, here are a couple of backgrounds from my film. alot of people have seen them already, but anyways :
 ill post some more when ive got the proper harddrive with me...