Wednesday, April 28, 2010

character evolution!

 I thought I would compile some of my very minimal character design work from my film so you can see how it progressed. I was kindof dumb and never made model sheets for any of my characters and in general I didnt do that much design work on my film. That was partially because I knew what look I was going for ( for the backgrounds atleast...hah...) and partially because I felt like I was in a design rut character-wise.

This story is fairly old and when I post my story process you'll get to see some of the reaaallllyy old designs, especially of the boy ( yes, he has no name. so sad.) in the beat boards/ concept stuff but for now here are some of the more developed ones:

1) I did these around xmas break or just after when I was worried about him looking too "generic-kid" and wanted him to be a bit ugly. He sorta just looks like a muppet though.

2)I think this one is from right before i started animation and it was the one I used as reference while I was rough animating. I actually really dislike this version now.

3)By the time I started cleanup I had a waaaaaaayyyy better handle on him and he became much more appealing. And cuter. And easier to animate. This particular drawing is a tie-down/final line ( since I only went to the rough clean stage) from sc3 and one of the frames I pinned up on my desk as a model/reference

You'll notice he scowls alot. That is because he is very very unhappy for most of the film :)

Just like the boy, there are some hilariously old and terrible designs of the grandma too ( including one where shes like 3ft tall and has huge buggy eyes. wtf was i thinking? ) these two are more recent.
1) This is from that workflow test scene we had to do. I ended up scrapping this scene.

2)I scribbled this on the back of a scrapped frame when I went to clean her up and realised I still hadnt finalized her design. I was mostly trying to figure out her hair. In the end it really didnt change much.

This is how they looked in a finished scene together. 

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  1. ooh neat, even though I've seen these already I like seeing/hearing the process.